Kinga Rose is a Hungarian born singer-songwriter, best known in Luxembourg for a series of live radio performances in 2020 and 2021, that attracted the interest of some of the top musical producers in the small Duchy and led to a record deal with Timezone Records, in Germany.


She is classically trained as a pianist and singer but also studied Jazz singing at the Etud Conservatory in Hungary. And she currently studies Jazz piano at the Luxembourg City Conservatory. This mix of classical and Jazz music, along with pop influences such as Tori Amos, Kate Bush and Norah Jones make Kinga Rose instantly recognisable as an artist that blends Eastern European and Western soundscapes. 


Adding to these influences, Kinga’s beautifully crafted lyrics that are mostly in English and, because she also lived in Latin America for a number of years, the blend of influences that give Kinga Rose her unmistakable musical identity is varied but surprisingly consistent too.


In 2020 Kinga was inducted into The Grund Club a.s.b.l., a collective of some of the top singer-songwriters in Luxembourg and began the pré-production of her debut album « Vision », featuring string and horn arrangements by the small nation’s most renowned musicals arrangers and with the executive production of Lata Gouveia. The album is going to released in February 2022.